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Sendit – large file transfer and sharing service

Sendit – large file transfer and sharing service

Sending information by email is still one of the most popular and convenient ways to share information and files. However you will have most likely experienced ‘bounce-back’ messages saying your email or attachments are too large to send through your email server. We’ve now launched an exciting new file transfer and sharing service, Sendit, which allows you to transfer large files (up to 2GB) for FREE.


Sendit is designed to be a quick and easy online solution for sending large files to anyone and negating restrictions imposed by email servers. Different from Dropbox and other file syncing and storage systems, Sendit is designed for one off sending of files.

Sendit has built in encryption meaning your files are upload and transmitted securely across the internet and you can also impose additional security measures such as setting a password for download, only allowing a file to be downloaded once and automatically deleting your file once it has been downloaded. You can also track who is sending files in your team and get full information about who downloaded a file and when.

Sendit is completely free to use so head over to and sign up for an account. For more information about our IT support services please call us on 0116 2225322.

David Hodgson