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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Our backup and disaster recovery solutions provide local and cloud based server and data recovery with regular backups so your data is only ever minutes old and restoring data takes minutes rather than days.

It’s incredibly easy, and insanely frustrating to lose critically important files, yet many people still have issues with backing up on a regular basis. Many businesses rely on their own staff to backup files and documents, but every so-often, for one reason or another, they may not physically be able to do so, causing you to miss out on a much-needed backup.


Infinity uses only the best disaster recovery and business continuity systems, with automatic backups as regularly as every hour, giving you time to work on other matters that are important to you whilst understanding that your files are completely safe, even if an error was to occur.


Our backup & disaster recovery solution can:


Backup your entire system”s data every hour.
Store your data with separate back-ups both on premise and in our secure data centre.
Keep your business up and running even if your server is offline.
Store your data using the strongest encryption possible.


Off-site backup provides you with a True Disaster Recovery solution, is quick to setup and needs no intervention from you in regards to changing backup drives. Data is encrypted throughout the entire backup process, ensuring that all your documents remain private, undisclosed and safe.


Data is readily available from anywhere, giving relief if the worst was to happen such as a fire or flood, we could be able to recover all data, to ensure that you can continue being productive in tough situations.


If Off-site backup is not an option for your business, we can also provide traditional backup solutions, so we can accommodate the needs of all of your businesses.

To discuss your backup needs please call us on 0116 2225322 to speak to one of our backup specialists.
Ransomware Protection

Attackers target businesses with limited in-house IT Support through social engineering schemes that leave businesses with no access to their data.

Screenshot Verification

Backup Verification, we take screenshots of completed backups to ensure the data we’re protecting is error free in the event of a disaster.

End-to-End Encryption

All data is protected with AES-256 encryption both prior to backup and at rest within UK Datacenters.

Business Continuity

Protect your business against unknown risks with frequent backups of your entire business infrastructure.

Get in touch to discuss your companies backup requirements

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