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Email Security & Continuity

Industry leading defence against ransomware, viruses, phishing and more.

Our Anti-Spam service filters your emails, keeping you safe from viruses, spam, phishing attacks and other email threats and malware.


It’s one of a number of IT security solutions that we offer and when combined with our Anti-virus software and web filtering offers a triple layer defence against cyber attacks.


By monitoring and analysing traffic from around the world to identify abnormal or criminal elements this threat intelligence allows us to prevent attacks before they reach your inbox.


Daily, and even more regularly if required, reports are provided to all users to allow them to, at a glance, see what has been quarantined.


Setup is fast and offers instant protection, ensuring that you do not face any issues and that there are no disruptions so your business is not effected by the change.


What are the main features of Email Security & Continuity?


Fast Setup and Instant Protection
Backup system in the event of your email server failing
Expert Support at hand between 08:00 and 17:30 daily
All in one service, just one monthly cost
Users choose their own filtering preferences
Easily access and release quarantined messages in the rare case of a false positive
Many anti-virus engines ensure thorough protection and less false-positives
Online web-client always available to use

If you would like more information regarding Email Security & Continuity, or any of our managed services, please leave us your details. Alternatively, call us on 0116 2225322 and let our specialists talk you through our services.
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