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Managed Cyber Security

How would you cope if your IT system failed or was breached by hackers? IT Security, Cyber Security what’s it all about? We can help by providing solutions, services and training that secure and protect your systems and help you understand what you need to do to protect your business.

Our approach to IT Security


In a world of cyber-attacks, phishing attacks, SPAM and Ransomware it can be difficult to keep up with and understand all the threats to your business and what you need to do to prevent a cyber-attack or reduce the amount of SPAM emails you receive.


Infinity Business Systems will keep you up-to-date with the latest news regarding IT Security and the threats you need to be aware of in a straight forward, jargon free manner. We will also make recommendations for securing your IT systems and provide end-user training and guidance.


3 Steps to Managed Cyber Security

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Identify – assess risks and recommended steps to protect systems.


Protect – design and implement security systems to minimise the risk to your business.


Monitor – 24/7 monitoring of security systems

Our Managed Cyber Security Explained


The cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving with new threats and ways of attack appearing all the time. Attacks can come in the form or phishing, spamming, ransomware and human error it’s difficult to find one single solution to protect against all the forms of attack. That’s why we recommend a triple layer of protection covering the main sources of attack.


Email Protection – Shields your business from targeted email attacks, phishing attacks, viruses and spam and ransomware.


End-point Anti-Virus – Protecting Workstations, Laptops and Servers from attack by Viruses and Malware


Web Protection – Preventing access to websites that deliver malicious content and code, drive-by downloads that instantly drop ransomware and other malware onto computers and uncontrolled web usage which poses a risk to the business.


Our managed IT support services will also ensure that software patches and security updates are automatically installed on your computers giving an extra defence against threats that seek out and take advantage of vulnerabilities in the computers software.


Our final step in securing your IT systems is to ensure that you have a solid backup and disaster recovery plan. Should your systems be compromised we will be able to restore your systems to prior to any attack quickly and efficiently with minimal downtime to your business. Backups should be stored on multiple backup storage devices including local storage and off-site storage locations, backups can be configured to snap-shot data in 15 minute increments reducing the amount of work that needs to be re-done after a cyber-attack.


Why Choose Us for Cyber Security?


Infinity Business Systems is a member of the UK Cyber Security Forum and have achieved the Cyber Essentials Accreditation. We also work with and are fully accredited with vendors including Webroot, Acronis, SpamExperts and The Email Laundry.

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