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Service Delivery KPIs

Find out about our Service Delivery KPIs and what they mean to you as a service customer.

Below are just some of the Key Performance Indicators we use to monitor the IT Support Service we provide.


Our reporting solution allows us to report on just about any aspect of the service we provide and can provide clients with detailed reporting to confirm that we are keeping our service promises, delivering excellent service and value for money.

Average Waiting Time


This is the average time it takes us to answer your calls, the lower this number is the better.


It’s how long it takes for a real person who has the experience to begin dealing with the issue you are calling about. It’s not how long it takes for an automated system to answer, thank you for your call and place you in a queue.

Reactive Tickets Closed


This is the number of requests we handled in the previous month. These may be about fixing issues or requests for changes to systems. Support requests come in via email, telephone and self service portal or in person.


We include this performance indicator to give you an idea of how busy we are. High KPIs are easy to achieve when there isn’t much work to do. We want to assure you that we have the resources needed to deliver great performance even if we are really busy.

Same Day Fix (all tickets)


This is the percentage of all requests raised via all source including telephone, email and self service portal, that have been resolved on the same day as opening the request.

The higher this number is the better. It shows that we have sufficient resources with the technical expertise to resolve your issues and delays to fixing problems are kept to a minimum. Of course it isn’t always possible to resolve every request on the same day for example where parts need to be ordered.

SLAs Met


This is a generic overview of how we score (on average) when it comes to keeping our promises about how long we take to respond to your request, start fixing the issue, and resolving it. The higher the number the better.


We have different levels of service depending on the priority of your request. We make these promises to all our clients based on your requirements when you come on board. We will provide tailored reports to show how we are meeting targets. Not everything is in our control however we do our best to keep you updated with what is happening with your request and we have not failed to deliver on our targets to date.

Client Satisfaction


This reports our average monthly score based on our 1 click post support satisfaction surveys which are sent on completion of each request we close.


Clients are asked to rate their most recent support experience simply by clicking a star rating that best represents their views, excellent, good, average or poor. They can also leave comments about the performance and how their request was handled, this is not mandatory and makes leaving feedback a simple 5 second process.


We review and read all customer ratings, good or bad, with a view to continually improving the service we provide. The feedback our clients provide to us is very valuable and helps us to always strive to provide excellent service. Our response rate is higher than average at over 15% compared to the industry standard of 5%.

To speak to us about our Managed IT Support Services or any of our other services, please contact us or call 0116 2225322.
Service Delivery KPIs March 2019
39 Seconds

Average Waiting Time


Client Satisfaction


SLAs Met


Same Day Fix (All Tickets)


Reactive Tickets Closed