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IT Procurement

IT is the forefront for most businesses in recent times. IT is in everything we do, from ordering food at your favourite fast-food chain or designing the shoes you wear daily. IT is heavily relied upon in this day and age, and it’s important to ensure you have the best of the best, to keep everything running smoothly.

Infinity IT Procurement


Infinity have strong relationships with globally recognised companies who provide us with the best hardware and software allowing us to distribute them to you to ensure that you are also provided with the best possible equipment.


Our staff are extremely knowledgeable on the most up-to-date equipment and software and with years of experience on their side, can help you choose the right equipment for your business.


We have the contacts and experience to handle everything regarding your IT from planning, all the way up to installation, ensuring that you have a smooth, error free experience and receive the best possible systems and in result bettering your businesses experiences.

What can we supply?



Servers, Notebooks, Desktop PC’s, Macs, Laptops and Tablets


Routers, Switches, Firewalls and Wireless Access Points


Mouse, Keyboard, Speakers, Headphones, Microphones and Web Cams


Telephone Systems, VoIP handsets, accessories and mobile devices)


Operating Systems, Microsoft Office, Server Applications including Exchange and SQL

24×7 Monitoring

We do this by monitoring your hardware and software identifying any issues that may cause downtime and fixing them automatically or alerting a technician so that the issue can be investigated and resolved manually.

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Networks & Cabling

Network and Cabling is an important part of IT within all businesses, usually the core of the business, therefore Infinity understand that is vital that all of your networks and cabling are installed to a high, industry standard.

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Office Moves

As we have recently moved offices ourselves, we completely understand the stress you face of transferring all your IT systems from one building to another and ensuring they all work smoothly, as they did prior to the move.

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